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  • 04/19/16--14:43: How to Die in the Dream
  • (An excerpt from the Chakra Cleanse ) Now that we’re moving our way back into the heart chakra (from our new alignment), we can start to understand (with our emotional/energetic/and mental feedback) how it feels to live from the heart, rather than the mind (or other people’s interpretation of reality in the world around us). … Continue reading How to Die in the Dream

    Alchemy snakeamandaleighfQuantum entanglementEmpath eyerubbing the lampAlchemy snakeamandaleighfQuantum entanglementEmpath eyerubbing the lamp

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  • 09/07/16--09:48: The Birth of the Empath
  • Since I started mentoring empaths I’ve had to piece together my theories about our ability to feel and transmute emotional energy, as well as create a framework for why I believe opening up our hearts, allowing ourselves to become MORE sensitive, and approaching our empathic lives from a place of empowerment, rather than “protection” is … Continue reading The Birth of the Empath

    heart-flamesamandaleighfHeart Mindchild-parents-fightingElectromagnetic field of heartheart-and-mindthe-shadowfemale tree5heart-flamesamandaleighfHeart Mindchild-parents-fightingElectromagnetic field of heartheart-and-mindthe-shadowfemale tree5

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  • 10/11/16--06:47: Chakra Cleanse for Empaths
  • Join me for a special, group mentoring Chakra Cleanse online class starting November 1st. This is my second round of beta testing for empaths, and a much more streamlined message and interaction. In this 8 week mentoring we will focus on uncovering deeply integrated messages stored in our chakras and emotional field, establishing harmony and … Continue reading Chakra Cleanse for Empaths

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    Join me for a special, New Year’s group mentoring Chakra Cleanse online class January 9th, 2107! This cleanse is for those looking to: Empower their empathic abilities Transform the relationship with the body Heal past relationships Practice conscious manifestation with other empaths Clear past programs and beliefs out of the chakras Overcome strongholds and fears This will … Continue reading Empath Chakra Cleanse Mentoring Group

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    *Below is an excerpt from the empath chakra cleanse mentoring group: As we move into the Crown Chakra, we open up to what many call the “higher astral realms” or the “angelic realms.” This is symbolic (and very real) energy. I felt it necessary to pull in these energies to assist us in clearing outdated and unconscious beliefs … Continue reading Receive Your Nobility (Open the Crown)


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    Here’s the deal: I receive emails everyday with people asking how to get UNSTUCK. “How do I get out of this codependent relationship?” “How do I step into my power?” “How can I attract more abundance?” “How can I find love?” “How can I strengthen my psychic/empathic awareness?” The bottom line is, we’re stuck because of … Continue reading How to Break Emotional Strongholds


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    Recently I did a live post in my Empowering Empaths Facebook Group on how to manifest your ideal job without feeling drained or controlled. Because of all the interest in this topic, I wanted to share it here. But first let me give you a little background: For the past 6 years I have survived … Continue reading How to Manifest Your Dream Job Without Feeling Drained


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  • 01/23/17--08:28: How To Create A Wishing Spot
  • I wanted a powerfully charged spot to contemplate, focus, journal, and most importantly, have fun with my creativity. Because I am a visual person, it helps to have a focal point for my chakra cleanse, which includes my intentions, the overall energy of the class itself, as well as my personal wishes and ideas. Merely … Continue reading How To Create A Wishing Spot


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    Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be exclusively about romantic love. We can use this day as a way to celebrate love in every form (and believe me, the world could use a more intentional focus on love these days!). I have an extra reason to celebrate love this week, as we are on the heart … Continue reading Empath Love Balm (for the Heart Chakra)


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    After working with hundreds (literally) of empaths the past 5 years, I have realized the most powerful thing I can teach and offer, is the mindset shift to get UNSTUCK from the matrix. Most of us are stuck because we don’t understand the power and potential of our EMOTIONS, our sensitives, and our desires. We … Continue reading Empaths: The New Entrepreneur

    amandaleighfDeep breathsJustice LeagueamandaleighfDeep breathsJustice League

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    For those who have taken my FREE Master Class (The 5 Laws of Gold – for Empaths), this next class will help you give your former life a proper burial, and step fully into your next phase of abundance! This two-week, online class is for those ready to make their 1st investment. Whenever we invest our…

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  • 05/13/17--12:03: Chakra Cleanse Bootcamp
  • Join me for a special discounted mentoring Chakra Cleanse online class: This cleanse is for those looking to: Empower their empathic abilities Transform the relationship with the body Heal past relationships Practice conscious manifestation with other empaths Clear past programs and beliefs out of the chakras Overcome strongholds and fears This is a special offer…

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    Today I received an essential comment on an article I wrote a couple year ago entitled, “Empaths vs. HSP (They’re Not the Same Thing). This article represents a time I was breaking free from much of the interpersonal warfare with some HSP in my family (and learning a TON about my empathic abilities in the process). You can…

    Goddess tree3amandaleighfFemale energy4Spiritual abuseGoddess tree3amandaleighfFemale energy4Spiritual abuse

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    In honor of Chakra Center’s 5th birthday, all pre-recorded archived classes are only $11.11!  Offer good until Friday, June 30th. Empathic Communication (Normally $33) Explore what it means to be a master energy communicator,  how empathic abilities can help in conscious manifestation, and how empaths are laying the groundwork for telepathic communication (geared toward empowered/skilled empaths)…

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    *(Excerpt from the “How to Get Out of the Matrix” online class)   3rd Law Of Gold: “Gold clingeth to the protection of the cautious owner who invests it under the advice of men wise in its handling.” Remember, when we refer to “gold” in this class, we’re referring to our own treasure – the…

    heart water 5amandaleighfheart water 5amandaleighf

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    *Check out my laster Master Class: Self Sabotage to Self Confidence: A Guide for Empaths Who Don’t Want to Self Destruct How to Make Love to Your Matrix (rather than being its slave!) So you want to be a master of the matrix, eh? Good. You’re in the right spot. Because this entire reality is…

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    I’ve had a lot of request for this class and it’s finally here. If you’re an empath/intuitive looking to start a business or desiring to revamp your current coaching or mentoring practice, this 6-week Bootcamp is powerful prep to start off on the right foot — creating your business from the inside out. Here’s what…

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    Now, more than ever, the collective is asking for restoration. Humanity wants its full heart back — it is asking for peace. As empaths, we feel both sides of the asking. We feel the call at our deepest levels — the command for a new way of being. If everything in your life feels shifty…

    Crystals in SedonaamandaleighfCrystals in SedonaCrystals in SedonaamandaleighfCrystals in Sedona

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    What is an empath? An empath is a person who feels what others are feeling. Empaths are often helpers, givers, teachers, and natural healers.  Empaths transmute energy. Am I an empath? Answering ‘yes’ to the following questions will help you determine: Do I naturally focus most of my thoughts and emotions on others? Am I…

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    I’ve worked with empaths for the past 6 years and here’s what I have learned: The Problem: Disempowerment (Lack Programming) We’re tired and overwhelmed (unbalanced in our relationships with ourselves, our life, and others)- We’re out of touch with our needs We don’t understand who we *really* are or why we’re here (or why we feel…

    Crystals in SedonaamandaleighfCrystals in Sedonaamandaleighf

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